Glossier After Baume Moisture Barrier Cream, 1.6 fl oz


Brand: Glossier

Size: 1.6 fl oz

Condition: New in box

A plant-based alternative to Lanolin that’s exceptionally effective at retaining moisture. It can support up to 440% its weight in water, is rich in Polyphenols to combat free radicals, and Fatty Acids to moisturize.

The balmy formula is a standout—it feels luxe, plush, and so comfortable.

Warm up a pea-sized amount between your fingers so the formula melts before gently massaging onto skin. Layer on as needed.

Use as your daily moisturizer after cleansing and applying serums, but before SPF. It’s perfect after exposure to cold weather, harsh sun, and daily pollution.

Follow after applying skincare actives like retinoids and acne treatments or over-exuberant exfoliation, and after your evening skincare routine to seal in moisture while you get your beauty sleep.

You can even apply to persistently dry areas like your cuticles, elbows, knees, around the nose, and more.