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The RECLOTHE. Membership Plan 

Providing RECLOTHE. clients with a bespoke, customizable consignment service. Being part of the subscription plan will identify you as a unique member of our community, but will grant you increased commission rates on your previously loved items, exclusive shopping discounts, and the high priority care and service for your items.

who we are

Meet Sasha, the founder and CEO of reclothe.

An experienced fashion stylist, shopping addict, consignment connoisseur, and your future personal style advisor.

Elevate your closet with reclothe, where all of your shopping needs are curated for you!

WHY CHOOSE reclothe?
“Seamless and amazing are the two words I'd use to describe the consignment services. Sasha's truly become a friend in the process, and her skillset is unmatched. RECLOTHE NYC has made simplifying my wardrobe and organizing my closet incredibly efficient (and lucrative!). When your closet is in order, every other area of your life feels more in line!”
— Elizabeth, @sweatsandthecity
“The consignment services were convenient, judgement free, and hassle free! I really appreciated the transparency through the whole process as we walked through the consigning strategies for my higher ticket items. ”
— Erin T.
“As a guy who knows very little about fashion, Lounge2Luxe’s stylist team was more necessary for me to consult with than I realized. We were able to nail down some staple items and they made the process so simple!”
— Patrick C.
“The styling services were just what I was looking for to solidify some outfit options for a night out. Sasha walked me through how to elevate the pieces in my wardrobe to take my look to the next level and fill in the gaps in my closet with essentials I needed!”
— Dana P.
"Sasha is not only amazing to work with because she’s educated and incredible at what she does, but because of the positive energy and excitement she applies to every aspect of the process. I had so much fun doing something normally I'd feel anxious about and I cannot wait to do it again with Sasha in my new apartment!"
— Rachel G.
"My first experience [shopping] with Lounge2Luxe was nothing short of wonderful. Sasha, the owner and creator, was unbelievably helpful to me. The website was easy to navigate and her level of customer service was unparalleled. As a guy who is not a frequent clothing shopper, Sasha made shopping for my mom and sister easy and stress-free. Her personalized notes that came with my order were the extra piece of personalization I never knew I needed. Highly recommend for any guy out there shopping for the women in their lives!"
— AJ D.