Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile De Rose Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

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Brand: Dior

Size: 1.0 fl oz

Condition: New in Box

Micro-Nutritive Anti-Aging Face Serum

Presenting the Dior micro-nutritive revitalizing face serum, an essential component of an effective skincare routine. The serum concentrates the double power of the Rose de Granville from the stem to the flower for skin revitalization that's twice as fast (1). Its formula reduces the visible impact of stress in just 4 hours (2), providing both the skin and senses with an absolute relaxation effect.

The power of 10,000 (3) micro-pearls enriched with revitalizing rose micro-nutrients is complemented by the revitalizing power of Rose sap, which is 4 times more potent than retinoic acid for revitalizing the skin (4).

From the very first application of this anti-age serum, the skin feels plumped and replenished from within, appearing firmer and more radiant. Facial contours seem lifted, and skin looks younger for 100% of women (5).

Reveal your extraordinary beauty with Dior Prestige.

(1) Instrumental test, 32 panelists, after 30 minutes.
(2) Clinical test on 33 women, on stressed skin. Helps skin revitalize itself in 4 hours after 3 days of stress.
(3) In a 30 ml bottle.
(4) In vitro test on ingredients on 3 skin processes altered by age (differentiation, adhesion, hydration).
(5) Self-assessment, 61 women, 1 month of use.