Nike Air Track Flight Suit One-Piece, XS

$60.00 $180.00

Brand: Nike

Size: XS

Color: Black

Condition: Excellent

Perfect for any occasion, this one-piece romper features a flattering tapered leg and long sleeves, with a zip closure for added convenience. The solid black color and woven fabric type make it a timeless and chic addition to your wardrobe. Designed with athletic fit, this jumpsuit is made of a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex, ensuring comfort and durability. It also comes with pockets, making it practical and functional for everyday wear.

Whether you're going to a party, traveling, or simply running errands, this jumpsuit is a must-have.

  • Full-zip closure
  • Elastic waist
  • Sewn rubber patch
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Side and rear pant pockets
  • Zip
  • Ankle
  • Jogger
  • Ribbed
  • Trim
  • Body: 100% Nylon (Polyamide) Rib: 99% Polyester. 1% Spandex